3 Benefits of Recording Your Doctor Visit

You're probably thinking, "Wait...I can do that?!"

Yes. You can. (read more here)

Patients in most places have a right to record even without a doctor's consent. Only 12 states require permission from allparties for audio recordings, including conversations with a doctor.

So. Why would you?

Turns out there are a lot of benefits to recording your Doctor visit. Here's our opinion on the top three.

1 False or unreliable memories are a common phenomenon

Dr. Roy Kessels has stated that "40-80% of medical information provided by healthcare practitioners is forgotten immediately” and “almost half of the information that is remembered is incorrect" 

This means you're more likely than not to forget vital pieces of information or instruction necessary for your care.

This can cost money and endanger lives. For example, in one instance patients considering surgery to remove blockages in their carotid arteries (the major arteries supplying blood to the brain) were advised that the risk of stroke due to surgery was 2% and risk of future stroke without surgery was 22%. After a while they were asked again to recall the risk, and patients’ estimates of the risk due to surgery varied from 0% to 65%. Their estimates of future stroke risk without surgery ranged from 22% to 100%.

2. It's a source of record for family members to review together and clarify

A doctor visit can promote high-stress and high levels of emotionl for everyone in the room, especially your family. This emotional response can influence the way one interprets information, leading to a variety of opinions about how to proceed with the same piece of information.

One benefit of recording your doctor visit is that it allows family members to decompress and come together to review the information in a calmer setting with a clear mind. This can help safely avoid false conclusions or an argument resulting from differing opinions.

3. Asking to record appointments is a way to signal that you are committed to being an active and informed participant in your own care.

The dynamic between .a doctor and a patient is crucial to a productive and successful treatment. Recording your doctor visit can build trust both ways. For one thing, you as a patent can hold a doctor accountable for their words. ]

On the flip side,  you've signaled to the doctor that you're taking your treatment seriously. This act of responsibility gives the confidence to your doctor that their words will be heeded, and this can alleviate the concern of misunderstanding by the patient.

While the list goes on, we believe those are the top 3 benefits of recording your doctor visit.

Tell us about an experience where you wish you could have recorded a conversation with your doctor!




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