A personal story from a harper user. We love to share these!

I arrive at the hospital just after 9:30am to visit my grandmother who is sick with pneumonia. 

Whenever the elderly are sick - you never know how serious (or not) even a simple head cold can be. Needless to say, I was on edge. Fortunately, most of my immediate family is made of healthcare professionals so I generally can rely on them for the laymen terms I require.

testimonial.jpgIt’s now 11am - within that short hour and a half my grandma had four different doctors and nurses pass through her room, adding up to 6 or so different interactions. Each one, repeating questions to my grandma and offering new instructions for her to remember. Now my 88 year old Grandma isn’t your assumingely forgetful old lady - she’s quite with it. However, given this is her third night in the hospital with little to no sleep, medication making her delirious - I ask myself, how the heck is she supposed to keep all of this information straight, if even my mind is boggled and confused. Luckily, I had harper in my pocket with me. My mother (a nurse) had left the hospital for that short hour and a half - and I wanted to ensure that my mom knew the communication happening in her absence. 

Additionally, my sister Erin who is a teacher, was anxiously asking to be kept in the loop throughout the day since she couldn’t take work off. harper solved every issue. I recorded each interaction my Grandma had and then shared it with my mom and sisters. Erin was psyched that first off, things were looking good for my Grandma, but also that she was no longer left in the dark. Most importantly, harper transcribed the whole visit and highlighted all of the medical terms with a quick look up to what they meant, so even though my mom wasn’t present at that time, I still was able to get my laymen’s interpretation of the doctors’ news.

Lastly, we have a BIG family - and harper made it so we didn’t have to repeat the same information over and over again to each family member as they texted throughout the day for updates. Instead, it was as simple as a few clicks to share the information from each visit and more time could be spent being present with my grandmother. 

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